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EmpathyLab's Read for Empathy   

Peters are proud to work in partnership with EmpathyLab, the first organisation to build children's empathy, literacy and activism through books and reading. We work with them to bring you the Read for Empathy book collections and free downloadable guides.

Empathy is our ability to understand and share someone else's feelings, and is an essential life skill, crucial if our young people and communities are to thrive. We're not born with a fixed quantity of empathy – it's a skill we can learn. And excitingly, research shows that books are a powerful tool to develop it. In identifying with book characters, young people learn to see things from other points of view. As they read, they are building their empathy skills.

All books from this year's and previous years' Read for Empathy collections have been chosen for their empathy-building power, and explore powerful themes such as handling and sharing emotions, understanding different cultures and promoting pro-social attitudes to act as a force for social change. They are perfect for fostering better relations between your pupils and having a reciprocal impact on reading and writing skills. 

NEW! Order Read for Empathy collections 2024

The 2024 Read for Empathy collections have just launched, featuring 65 books for 4–16 year olds, with each book chosen to do a specific job in building young people's empathy.

View books in the 2024 primary collection

View books in the 2024 secondary collection

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