Order the 2019 Read for Empathy book collections today and enjoy 26% off.

Primary Empathy book collection - £185.53 (RRP £250.71)

Secondary Empathy book collection - £96.09 (RRP 129.85)

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Servicing options:

If you are an existing Peters customer and you require your standard jacketing and labelling options, please tick here. This incurs an extra cost of 26p per jacket and 8p per label.

If you are not currently a Peters customer and would like to discuss your labelling options, please contact nuressa.begum@peters.co.uk or call 0121 666 6646.

If you are a contracted library customer, you will receive your standard contract discount. In addition to completing the above form, please email empathy@peters.co.uk with the branch(es) the order(s) are for plus whether or not you require EDI with your order.

N.B. The Primary book collection will contain 30 titles. The Secondary book collection will contain 15 titles.